Our Leaders


Paul Lehman-Schletewitz

Senior Pastor
Pastor Paul Lehman-Schletewitz, M.Div., M.A., is an in-demand public speaker covering a wide range of topics from the Bible to Tolkien. He has written numerous articles and presented academic papers at many conferences at colleges and universities both public and private. He is committed to personal renewal and change, and he brings it to his relationships with those around him. His desire is to see lives transformed by the present power of Jesus.


Bill Donner

Associate Pastor, Focus on Missional Living
Bill Donner has joined our staff to help as Associate Pastor. The focus of his work will be in spiritual formation, discipleship development, and missional living. Behind these titles is a commitment to helping people of all ages to grow in fruitful living. Bill will be working with us to provide practical means for individuals to be engaged in service inside and outside the church.


Matthew Tryggestad

Director of Worship
Matt has a heart for worship and a desire to lead others to the Lord through music. Matt moved from Rochester, MN, to earn a degree from Azusa Pacific University. He soon began a full time career as a singer/songwriter and actor. He has worked with gospel artist Kirk Franklin, and is involved in TV & film production, background vocals, and arranging for other artists. Matthew considers himself blessed to worship and sing along side his wife, Melanie. Together they expand the Kingdom through music ministry.


Alexis Muñoz

Director of Youth Ministry
Alexis is a full time student at Azusa Pacific University, pursuing a degree to become a Pastor in the near future. Her passion for the Word of God and His calling in her life brought her into ministry. Her ministry goal is to engage the youth in active worship with Christ so they can build a connection with God while also building their discipleship with their peers so they can see God's hand shaping their lives and the lives of others.


Mike Brenner

Director of Tech Ministry
Mike is a gifted electronics engineer who brings his skills to the various sound and visual ministries in the church. With a dedicated team of technicians, the audio, video, and computer needs are met for Gateway.